To bridge the gap between female leaders and the millennials who admire them. We're shaking up the women's leadership arena by producing events accessible to college-aged women of all demographics -- not just those who can afford to pay their way. 

  • More specifically, our conversations on stage aim to fight stigmas around what it means to be a woman in today's world, promote and discuss intersectional feminist values, and and ultimately to bring together generations of women who are eager to change the world through art, business, activism, teaching, organizing, journalism, public service and more. We create spaces that are inclusive, accessible, and filled with strong female-identifying voices.



We strive to develop leaders. Simply put, we need more women in leadership positions - across all sectors. Think of OWN IT Summits as your basecamp for the next generation of leadership. 


We are accessible, approachable, and relevant to college women. We strive to be welcoming to all kinds of audiences and we work to make all opportunities affordable and approachable. Leadership shouldn't have barriers to entry. 


We reflect the diverse world we live in. We seek to showcase voices of all races, gender identities, sexual identities, ethnicities, abilities, ages, political orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. We seek to purport a broad and inclusive definition of "success." We believe our conversations and summits are only meaningful if they include the voices of all women. 


Feminism is inherently part of our mission and goal. We strive to celebrate and cultivate unafraid feminists who are ready to own whatever challenges come their way. We believe strongly in an intersectional approach where all speakers and attendees are allies to one another in an purposeful way - through everyday actions of solidarity, not just words.